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Sex selection or surrogacy are two procedures not allowed in Spain according to current legislation but it is possible in other territories. In GeoMedicalARTwe work with State-of-the-Art IVF clinics performing with European technology, staff and protocols. Will all this background we can perform with all scientific, medical and legal guarantee.

This area is fully managed by embryologists who will perform and supervise the whole process in order to provide our patients a unique experience with a level of information and follow up hard to find somewhere else. We are biomedicine professionals and we know what we’re doing.

Whatever your need is (standard IVF, sex selection or surrogacy), we can go thorough the way together.

The information flow will be constant and the relationship with our patients, close. We’re different and soon you will check it out. Come with us and let’s see what biomedicine can do for you.

Sex Selection

This procedure is similar to standard IVF.
It has 3 Steps:


We got in touch by our form and we stablish the best strategy for your treatment. We study the anamnesis and start up the COS (Controlled Ovarian Stimulation). Usually that part takes place in the homeland of patients. As we can control the ovarian stimulation, we can adjust it according to clinical and patient requirements.


Once the ovarian stimulation is reaching the required moment (in terms of follicle growth), we start the journey to Georgia and we perform the oocyte retrieval and also obtain male sample. This trip can take 4-5 days but the role of patients is only one morning, the rest of the time is to rest from trip and after procedure. We culture embryos obtained until day 5 and if we have available ones, we perform biopsy to get some cells for genetic analysis. Patients return home until we have results.


Step: If we have embryos of the desired condition, we can plan the embryo transfer according to patient schedule. We will perform an endometrial preparation and we will do a quick trip again for the embryo transfer. This time, no more than  1-2 days are needed as the process of ET will take about 10 min.


This process is also similar to a standard IVF for patients. Initial steps are the same; ovarian stimulation, oocyte retrieval, insemination, embryo culture and embryo transfer. The last part differs as the embryo will be transferred to a third person. In addition, it might be needed an oocyte donor as well depending on each case. If this is the case, donor and surrogate mother will be suitable according to medical, psychological and legal requirements.

Results before and after
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