The website “” (hereinafter, “the website”), owned by Jordán García Ortega, (hereinafter “the owner”), uses cookies to allow, facilitate and improve navigation through it, as well as analyze the browsing behaviors of users and offer them advertising adapted to their habits, preferences and needs, so the mere visit to it implies the location of cookies on the terminal equipment from which you access (either computer, tablet , smartphone or similar). We recommend that you read this document carefully to know the use of this technology, its purposes as well as to manage, delete or prevent the use of these cookies during your navigation.

1. Purpose of this document

The purpose of this text is to inform you in greater detail about the use of cookies on the website. More specifically, its purpose is to explain what cookies are, what types of cookies are used on the website, whether they are located directly or by a third party and how you can deactivate them during your navigation or delete them after it.

2. Prior information and consent

The first time you access the website, you have been informed by a visible notice that we use cookies and the purposes of this use. You have also been informed that this Cookies Policy exists and that there is a way to manage or eliminate them. In addition, with such information, you have been offered to indicate your preference regarding the use of this technology while browsing the website. It will be understood that you consent to the use of cookies without having deactivated them. For detailed information about disabling cookies, please see section 5 of this document.

3. What is a cookie?

A cookie is a file that is downloaded to the terminal equipment of an Internet user as a result of accessing and browsing certain web pages, allowing the storage and retrieval of information. This information is very varied. Mainly they obtain information about the browsing habits of the user or their equipment, the way they use it, etc. All this in order to improve navigation on the page, get to know the user better and be able to offer them a personalized experience during their visit. In any case, you can delete cookies or manage them at any time. See section 5 of this document.

4. Types of cookies and what they are used for

In case of having your consent, the cookies that will be installed in your terminal as a consequence of your access and navigation through the website are:

4.1. According to its purpose:

  • Personalization cookies: they are those that allow the website to be adapted to some general pre-established characteristics such as the language, the browser used or the region from which it is accessed.
  • Technical cookies: they serve the task of providing fluidity and comfort while browsing the page, as well as providing it with security. For example, they allow identifying the session of a registered user.
  • Analysis cookies: they allow obtaining information oriented to the statistical analysis of the use that Internet users make of the page. Thus, they allow us to know what search terms users used to get to the page.

4.2. Depending on the origin of the cookies used on the Website, we can divide them into:

Technical and personalization cookies: we use various cookies necessary to ensure the proper functioning of the website.
Analysis cookies: The owner may place cookies on her terminal to obtain an analysis of her browsing through it in order to improve the website.
Third-party cookies from domains outside the owner.
Facebook cookies: As a consequence of the existence of Facebook functionalities on the website and to allow them to function properly, the user may place cookies on her terminal.

5. Manage cookies How to disable cookies?

By the mere fact of continuing to browse the website without disabling cookies, you accept the location and use of cookies on your terminal. In addition, if you object at the moment when the website informs you of the existence of the use of this technology, you can configure your browser so that it does not install these cookies, delete them and, in general, manage them at any time through the functions of your browser intended for this purpose. Below we offer a list of links on the steps to follow for the activation, deactivation, deletion and management of cookies depending on each browser:

Google Chrome:
Internet Explorer:
Mozilla Firefox:

In general, it will be necessary to open the browser from which you normally access the Internet, click on the “Settings”, “Tools”, “Preferences” button or similar, then click on cookies, and from there, choose the preferred option regarding them. The procedure is similar in the case that you are browsing through a tablet or smartphone, and will depend on the browser used or the configuration menus of each terminal, which will allow you to determine whether, by default, cookies must be accepted or rejected, as well as managing its elimination. If your browser is not in the list above, please consult its official website.

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